R-1820-78 Engine and Narrow Chord Cowl

R-1820-78 Engine and Narrow Chord Cowl
Item# 7209

Product Description

Set contains 1 engine and 1 cowl.

One of the weak points of the Heller SBC-4 kit is the engine. Replace it with this. I issued the set with this specific kit in mind. Want to back date the Airfix J2F-6 Duck? Replace the engine and cowl with parts from this set.

Set comes with 2 resin cast parts, the Narrow Chord Cowl and the R-1820-78 engine, drilled for whatever exhaust system you want to use. Other aircraft that used this engine, were export versions of the P-36, SBDs, B-10s, I-16s, DC-2s and DC-3s. Check your references before purchases to make sure the aircraft used this specific engine.