Medallion Models

Medallion Models
Medallion Models. The name hearkens back to the days before Eduard, Aries, and other well known aftermarket companies were still ideas in folks heads. 15 years after it's last release, the name rises again to rescue many of those old 1/48 Monogram kits (and a few others) in need of long lost aftermarket loving. Marks Models and Toys has secured the most of the masters and will be re-issuing some of the sets that are still relevant to the 21st century modeler. Some set have been long superseded by new kits, some are just as in need today as when they were first released. Other sets will have select parts released separately as they are still the best available in 1/48 scale.

F6F-3 Upgrade set
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $12.50
BF-109K-4 Conversion for Revell/Monogram
P-47D Upgrade for Monogram
P-40B Upgrade
P-38 Cockpit
KI-61 Cockpit
Regular price: $14.99
Sale price: $5.00
P-51 Flaps
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $3.50
F6F-3/5 Seperate Flaps
Regular price: $7.00
Sale price: $2.50
BF-109G-14 Conversion
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $2.50
P-51 P-51A A-36 Upgrade set