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Starting July 1, 2021 orders to the EU and UK will be required to collect VAT. I will not be responsible for collecting this. You will pay this when the shipment arrives. If you do not provide a phone number or a correct e-mail address the package may be refused by your country's Customs agency. If your package is returned, it is up to you the customer to pay any additional postage if you want a second delivery attempt. .

NOTICE: Most of the "print on demand" sets are no longer available. Supply disruptions out of Hong Kong have eliminated my supply. This includes most of the 1/350, 1/400, 1/480, 1/500, 1/540, 1/600, 1/700 and 1/144 sheets.

If you have trouble placing an order please send an e-mail so I can send you an Invoice you can pay via PayPal, check, or postal money order. Make sure you include what you want, how many, and most important, your mailing address!

Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2021:

WrightCon 2020(1) Fairborn, OH Oct 22-23

Cincinnati Scale Modelers Contest & Swap Meet Bativa,OH Oct 30*

*Subject to change

Starting immediately, I have to collect Sales Tax if you live inside the USA.

June 2021 Update:

4 New decal sheets have arrived.

350-202 and 204 are in stock! VF-213 and VA-22 High Viz markings for CVW-11 serving aboard the USS Enterprise are now available for purchase. Next sheet coming is 350-110 VS-21 and 350-211containing VAW-117 and VQ-1

72-165 P-40B/C/D/G is now available to order. This is designed to fit the Airfix P-40B kit (and the other releases such as the Hawk 81 and Tommahawk).

Also new, decals to replace the stickers in the Atlantis M6779 Snoopy Sopwith Camel kit. These are identical to the kit stickers except they are waterslide decals. Find them listed under the Miscellaneous tab when they are ready to ship.

May 2021 Update:

4 new releases and a re-release headline this month's decal news.

350-105s has finally restocked after a 8 month absence. 300-300s, USN Yellow(white) gear markings are now screen printed and available again after a 4 month unavailability. 300-200 VF-114, CVW-11 for CVN-65 in High Viz is also in stock, the 3rd release from the CVW-11 1980's collection.

Two new decals for the 1/32 slot car guys: 3204 covers the Ford GT Mk1 in the various Gulf Liveries, both the Dark Blue cars from 1967 and the Light Blue cars from the 1968 and 69 seasons. Each set gives you enough markings for 2 complete cars and options for 5 more. 3205 coves the winning GT Mk II from the 1966 LeMans 24 hour race. Both of these schemes are expensive to find pre-painted from your favorite manufacture, so now you can make your own and not feel guilty racing it. and NSR offer white kits of these cars you can paint yourself. Just need to paint the base color and the decals do the rest.

April 2021 Update:

The first of the CVW-11 sets have arrived. VF-114 and VF-213 Low Viz sets are in house and ready to ship. These sets contain only the low visibility markings, the grays used by the USN starting the in the 1980's for their Tactical Aircraft. Each Squadron will need one High Viz aircraft per squadron, as the CO aircraft retained the High Visibility color scheme. Additional squadrons will be released throughout the rest of the year.

350-201 VF-114

350-203 VF-213

Be advised the companies who print my decals are way behind due to the Pandemic Panic government restrictions and guidelines. New products and reprints of the best selling sheets are taking months, not weeks.