BFC-2 Conversion Set

BFC-2 Conversion Set
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Product Description

Stock number 7214.

Do you have a F11C-2 kit and want to convert it to this version? Replacing the old 7203A set, now you can add the upgrades just like actual factory issued set. This kit comes with all of the parts to take the 1/72 Monogram F11C-2 kit and convert it to the BFC-2. These items include the higher Turtle Back, Bomb Racks for the wings, and the partial canopy. Also included are two sets of decal options.

F11C-2 kits are available separately.

NOTICE: Items in this set are identical to the parts and markings offered in PK-03. These sets are limited in availability, so check back often when out of stock.

Item is not available for wholesale purchase.