540-01 Essex Class Carrier Replacement Island Kit

540-01 Essex Class Carrier Replacement Island Kit
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Product Description

Designed as a direct replacement for the Revell Angled Deck Essex kit (1/540 scale +/-) this kit fixes a majority of the errors in that kit's Island Structure. For example, the overall height was reduced, catwalks redesigned, Bridge and Flag Bridge added, Mk. 37 Gun Director refined and details added, choice of AN/SPN-8 or SPN-30 Approach Radomes, new Radar Platforms, and UNREP Bridge option to name a few.

With this set, you can build a more accurate USS Essex CV-9, USS Hornet CV-12, USS Wasp CV-18 or USS Bennington CV-20 using this set and the Revell Essex Angled Deck Carrier kit.

You will need some scratch building skills and Gold Medal Models 540-5 Photo Etch set to fully utilize this upgrade. Radars, mast, and railing are not included.

Set comes with 18 resin parts and color instruction guide.

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