The latest from Starfighter Decals/Marks Models & Toys

Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2018:

IPMS 3Rivers Contest, Pittsburgh, PA. Mar 24

Wrightcon 2018, Dayton, OH Apr.7

Model Classic, Fairfax, VA Apr.21

Region 4 Convention, Cleveland, OH Apr 27-28

Smoky Mtn Model-Con Knoxville, TN May 12

South Carolina Mega Show Columbia, SC Jun 22-23

DownEastCon 2018 Havelock, NC Jul 14

Virginia Shoot Out 2018 Salem, VA Aug 11

March 2018 Product Update.

Decal News. 72-156 is now available. It is the NOTS F4D-1 Skyray used in Project Pilot, the USN attempt to put a payload in orbit using an air launched 6 staged rocket. 700-102,700-103, and 700-104 are back in stock, while 350-53 is not.

Resin News. 7221 is the NOTS EV-1 NOTSnik rocket for use with 72-156. Comes with the pylon as well. 2 new 1/500 aircraft are coming as well, F6F-3N/5N and the Beast, SB2C.

All of these items should be ready to ship by the end of the month.

February 2018 Product Update.

Decal News. New decal set, 540-101 is an update for the 540-100 set that provides the unique markings for the USS Oriskany and for other Essex class boats that used the larger forward Aircraft Elevator and Larger Jet Blast Deflectors. 700-102 should also be restocked this month. I'm down to a handful of 4801, TBD-1 at War sheets. Took almost 10 years to sell 500 sheets, so now you know why I don't invest much in 1/48 decal sets.

Resin News. 7217, R-1340-17/27 Engines will be available by themselves. Pro-30, A-7 Corsair II have finally been cast and available. 540-03 and 540-04 are Weapon Sets for the Revell or Renwal Essex Class Box scale carriers and Revell Midway Straight Deck Carriers and will be available shortly.