The latest from Starfighter Decals/Marks Models & Toys

Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2017:

IPMS/Cincinatti Sharronville, OH Oct.21

RDUConn Raleigh, NC Nov.11

Now available from Starfighter Decals: RCN - Race Car Decals. Those of you who attended the 2017 IPMS/USA saw these decals and display on my table. They sold out within hours. I have a limited number again. As long as they are listed, I can obtain them. Two sets are being offered at this time: 2016 Le mans Winning Ford GT and PLN's Trans Am Datsun 510 including both the 1973 and 1975 markings.

Now available, two new decal sheets and a new Photo-Etch set. 72-153 covers US Aircraft used in Operation Torch. Aircraft covered are L-4A (Piper Cub) launched from the deck of the USS Ranger, F4F-4 Wildcats, SBD-3 (Not SBD-4 that have been assumed for years), TBF-1s, and an SOC Seagull. AD4801A is the 1/48 scale version of the AD7201A with all the same updates and color corrections. PE-08 is the long awaited EZ Rigging set for the SOC Sea Gull. Hopefully with the new Photo-etch company, I can clear out the back-log of PE sets I have designed.