The latest from Starfighter Decals/Marks Models & Toys

Starfighter Decals Show schedule for 2017:

RDUConn Raleigh, NC Nov.11

2018 Show Schedule

Chattanooga ModelCon, Chattanooga, TN Jan.5-6

Old Dominion Open, Richmond, VA Feb 24

Rosco Turner IPMS Contest. Indianapolis, IN Mar.10

IPMS 3Rivers Contest, Pittsburgh, PA. Mar 24

Wrightcon 2018, Dayton, OH Apr.7

Model Classic, Fairfax, VA Apr.21

Region 4 Convention, Cleveland, OH Apr 27-28

South Carolina Mega Show Columbia, SC Jun 22-23

November brings 4 new resin products from Starfighter Decals: 3 1/72 Radial Engines and the last Medallion Model set released, designed for the Accurate Miniatures early P-51/A-36 kits. 1/72 resin engines released include R-1690 Hornet to convert a B-10 to a B-12, R-1820F series Cyclone, and R-1830s Twin Wasp used by many US Aircraft in early WWII.

Now available from Starfighter Decals: RCN - Race Car Decals. Those of you who attended the 2017 IPMS/USA saw these decals and display on my table. They sold out within hours. I have a limited number again. As long as they are listed, I can obtain them. Two sets are being offered at this time: 2016 Le mans Winning Ford GT and PLN's Trans Am Datsun 510 including both the 1973 and 1975 markings.

Now available, two new decal sheets and a new Photo-Etch set. 72-153 covers US Aircraft used in Operation Torch. Aircraft covered are L-4A (Piper Cub) launched from the deck of the USS Ranger, F4F-4 Wildcats, SBD-3 (Not SBD-4 that have been assumed for years), TBF-1s, and an SOC Seagull. AD4801A is the 1/48 scale version of the AD7201A with all the same updates and color corrections. PE-08 is the long awaited EZ Rigging set for the SOC Sea Gull. Hopefully with the new Photo-etch company, I can clear out the back-log of PE sets I have designed.