700-70 Essex and Midway Class CV Generic Set

 700-70  Essex and Midway Class CV Generic Set
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Will return late summer 2016

This set, printed by Cartograf of Italy is a first for Starfighter Decals; the first silk screened decal set for the Naval Enthusiast.

Set covers most of the post war Essex Class Carriers. Designed for use with the Dragon Essex class kits, Ships & Co. 27C/125 Essex Angled Deck Carrier and the Iron Shipwright 27A Korean War Era kit. Can be used on the Trumpeter kit if you desire.

This 2 sheet set contains 3 styles of flight deck numerals, 2 sizes of Island Numbers with one set shaded, Foul Lines, Armament Elevator Markings, Runway Markings for the 1950's and 1960's era styles, Elevator warning stripes with extra lines for size adjustment, 2 styles of Jet Blast Deflector markings, and Hangar Deck Warning signs.

Set includes ship specific markings for the following: Essex, Yorktown, Intrepid, Hornet, Ticonderoga, Randolph, Lexington (to include CVT/AVT deck number), Hancock, Bennington, Bon Homme Richard, Kearsarge, Oriskany, and Shangri-La.

Ship's Names included are: Tarawa, Philippine Sea, Lake Champlain, Leyte, Princeton, Boxer, and Valley Forge.

As a bonus, Midway, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Coral Sea Nameplates are provided. The Midway Class CVs use the markings from the sheet as well.